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Why Choose Chalaang?

Pathway For Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Everyone has something they're good at, but not everyone knows how to earn money out of it. Because they're either sceptical about the talent, or they don't realise their potential in the first place. That's where Chalaang helps you out. If you're on this platform, you've already taken your first step towards your true goal. Chalaang assists you in honing your entrepreneurial skills to turn your passion into a money-making profession.

From the beginning step of your STARTUP JOURNEY to achieving your PROFITS , Chalaang stands with you throughout.


Pick your Chalaang business course and get trained by experts

It’s an initiative that aims to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in every person who wishes to turn their passion into a profession. With industry experts and myriads of unconventional entrepreneurial programs, if you have a dream to start your entrepreneurial journey, we’re here to turn that dream into a reality. Presenting a bouquet of the best online certificate business courses.


Special Offline 7 days training

Our Exclusively Designed Integrated Programs Include Skill Training, Experiential Learning And Multilingual Content Resources Which Are Effectively Used To Establish And Make Us Stand Out In Our Approach. With chalaang online business course you will get 7 day offline training by experts, and enhance your skills to build your business setup.


Build business plan and understand Govt. and subsidiary schemes

We Help You Grow Your Idea By Providing Financial Assistance. However, It Should Be Creative. You Must Be Aware Of Your Objectives And Goals. We Will Inform You Of All Funding Opportunities, Loans, And Appropriate Government Schemes That Will Help You Establish Your Entrepreneurial Project. Make Yourself Your Own Boss.


Get legal assistance and guidance setting up your business

We Help You to Grow Your Business By Providing legal assistance, infrastructural support and a good network to kick-start your business. However, It Should Be Creative. You Must Be Aware Of Your Objectives And Goals. We Will provide You Of All legal Opportunities guidance like Business pan card, MSME, bank account etc . That Will Help You to Establish Your Business setup.


Get your single page website and digital marketing support

We Provide You With Complete Online Support And Implementation For Your Business. One-On-One Conversation And Interaction With Established Business Mentors From Your Desired Field Will Help You Increase Your Knowledge And With Further Networking, You Can Establish Your Business Efficiently. Besides This We Also Provide You With An Extensive Digital Marketing Plan Which Will Help You Grow Your Business Rapidly By Doing The Right Marketing Practices.


Ready to launch your business

After completing all the steps you are ready to take off. now its time to launch your business, and छा जाओ.

Chalaang Business Courses

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What kind of platform is Chalaang?

    Chalaang is a platform which empowers emerging entrepreneurs and aspirants who dream to build their own business out of their passion. If you have a passion or good at doing something which is your skill then this is a platform which gives "Wings to your passion"

  • 2. How will Chalaang help me build my career?

    If you have a passion to start your own start up or want to grow your business efficiently, Chalaang will help you in your career by guiding you in the same. Chalaang helps you in setting up your own business. It not only helps you in growing your business idea but also helps you with necessary support which includes funding assistance, government schemes and skill oriented training.

  • 3. How is Chalaang Different from other platforms?

    Chalaang not only offers you skill oriented training in different popular skills but also gives you complete support and guidance in setting up your business, its expansion and helps you with different strategies to build it up.

  • 4. What Kind of Business Courses are offered here?

    At Chalaang we have tried to include those courses which are trending and by skilling up in those you can set up a good business in the respective field. The business programs include expert based training in the stock market, graphic designing,DJing, photography,podcasting,radio jockey etc. These skills will help you redefine your business goals.

  • 5. Will Chalaang help me to start my own business?

    Yes, Chalaang is completely focused on setting and development of one's business. We aim to empower entrepreneurs,solopreneurs and the upcoming generation who aim to build their career in business. We help you with your business idea,its development, funding assistance and also if you have a skill,we help you in developing it to grow up into a business. So now open up your wings to take a flight with passion towards your profession! Chalaang ke sath chaa jaao..

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