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Have A Passion? Take The Test

Q1. I Am Passionate About My Dream

Q2. Rather than doing a job doing business fascinates me.

Q3. I believe in leadership and innovations.

Q4. I believe my skills are my strongest aspect which can be my career.

Q5. I like taking on new challenges & entrepreneurs inspire me.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Basically An Entrepreneur Ecosystem Revolves Around Some Key elements:

At Chalaang, we believe that age, finances, or anything holding you back is not the end of the journey. It is never too late to take your Chalaang towards your dreams. Our aim is to lead and offer growth opportunities, both personal and professional to those who seek to make a career out of their talent. We create portfolios, connect with potential partners and customers, as well as provide guidance to those who lack mentorship hence creating an ecosystem for the aspirants.

Entrepreneurial Programs

Our exclusively designed integrated programs include skill training, experiential learning and multilingual content resources which are effectively used to establish and make us stand out in our approach.

From Passion to Profession - With Chalaang

Boost up Your Passion

With the flow of time and the increasing demand for higher earnings, learning with the convenience of time, place, and budget is becoming more popular. Chalaang, an entrepreneurial ecosystem, is intended to not only meet your needs for convenient learning but also to inspire you to pursue a career of your choice. We admire your drive, and we believe that everyone is capable of turning their passion into a career. As Chalaang, we believe that You Can Learn! Can develop into a Pro! You can begin your entrepreneurial journey! You are welcome to take a Chalaang of your dream.

Submit your Idea

A novel idea has the potential to lead to the discovery of a new world. Only education, we believe at Chalaang, can inspire you to think more deeply about your goals and visions. If you are passionate, have some innovative ideas, and want someone to cherish them, this is the place to be. So, if you want to be the next successful entrepreneur, just come and explore with us!

Best Ideas, get Funding

We help you grow your idea by providing financial assistance. However, it should be creative. You must be aware of your objectives and goals. We will inform you of all funding opportunities, loans, and appropriate government schemes that will help you establish your entrepreneurial project. Make yourself your own boss.

Become an established Entrepreneur

Go Digital and market yourself in the right way ! We provide you with complete online support and implementation for your business. One-on-one conversation and interaction with established business mentors from your desired field will help you increase your knowledge and with further networking, you can establish your business efficiently. Besides this,we also provide you with an extensive digital marketing plan which will help you grow your business rapidly by doing the right marketing practices

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