5 Reasons Why You Should Take a DJ Course in 2023


Are you looking forward to pursuing Djing as a career? You’ve then made a perfect choice for your future. The modern era is all about honoring the creativity, talent, and skills of young budding minds. Check Out the 5 reasons why you should take a DJ Course in 2023


 Reasons Why You Should Take a DJ Course in 2023


What is a DJ?


What is a DJ


Music gives wings to the mind and soul to the universe. The beats, the rhythm, and the tune that makes everyone go insane, living in that very moment are played by the DJ. 

So what do you think is a DJ, a musician, or a singer? No. A DJ or Disc jockey is a person who plays pre-recorded music from a collection of melodious songs with respect to the event or theme. A DJ remixes songs and creates transitions in the music. 

What does a DJ do?


What does a DJ do


DJs use some specialized software and musical gadgets that help them create songs and music with smooth transitions. This can be easily understood by the fact that instead of playing songs in a loop on a playlist, DJs fill energy into the environment with the rhythms, tempo, and volume of the music that they create.


How to pursue DJ as a career?


How to pursue DJ as a career at Chalaang


The passion, thrill, and love for music are the very first step towards achieving your career as DJ. There is no hard and fast rule as such to study long-length books and then earn the fame of a “Super cool” DJ. Rather there are several online DJ courses that one can go after and build a successful career. 


1. Choose your medium wisely and start working to upgrade your music collection.

2. Learn thoroughly about different types of DJs and start working on your skills accordingly.

3. Take any of the DJ courses that interest you.

4. Study the software tools that Top professional DJs use.

5. Learn the vital information, techniques, and tools you need to become a DJ with a music program


The Benefits of DJing in 2023


The Benefits of DJing in 2023


While dancing and enjoying the music you really adore, you might have wondered about being in the place of a DJ. This passion makes you fall for this amazing career. Let’s explore some other reasons as well as why one should go for 


1. You are paid for your skills and passion

Happiness lies when you establish yourself in a career that you’ve dreamt of and lived for. The very next thing that excites you most about being a DJ is watching people dancing, enjoying, and embracing the music played by you. As soon as you are the favorite of your audience, the very next milestone you’ve already achieved. And the most important and thrilling of all is hanging out and seeing famous people grooving to your music.


2. As a DJ there are no limits to learning 

Learning and exploring new skills and tricks never stops in this profession. You will always find that the most established and famous faces always practice new tricks and techniques. This is the most admirable profession for the ones who desire to learn. DJing becomes more exciting with the fact to play music and create something fresh and new out of it. 


3. No Dress codes for the DJs

Wearing formal clothes every time at the workplace makes your mood and routine both dull and monotonous. This feels exhausting, especially for the ones who have to wear uniforms. Being a DJ your audience imagines you in comfortable, fashionable, and trendy clothes. Or simultaneously you become the style statement for them. Doesn't this sound exciting that whatever you wish you dress up accordingly?


4. Your creativity skills are adored and admired

Many times, there are situations when you are left unheard or you feel that you could’ve done far much better but you were not allowed to do so. But as a DJ you are completely free to take your decisions and play with the music as you like. You are your own boss now. Being a DJ sets you free to unleash your creativity, play according to your mood, try different genres and combinations, experiment with your tools, and whatnot.


5. Your connections and networks gradually increase

The profession of DJ has its own perks, out of which increased connections and communications with people is one of the majors. You discover and explore new cities, meet new people, enjoy the culture and tradition of new venues and the list is endless. As a DJ, you are not limited to a specific group of people, but your audience can be anyone- a doctor, a teacher, a journalist, a music director, or even a filmmaker, all of whom may bring unique advantages.

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DJ is a career that fantasizes young minds about itself. But what leads these budding minds ahead is the set of creativity, passion, hard work, and will to learn more. One can establish himself as a successful DJ with the right guidance and mentors. And then finally the battle is all yours.


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