From good to great: The Importance of Developing a Strong Brand Identity


A brand's unique identity in the market is very important in Entrepreneurship. Read the Importance of developing a Strong Brand Identity for your business. 


From good to great: The Importance of Developing a Strong Brand Identity


 It takes strength, headwork and determination to start your career as an Entrepreneur. But what matters more is giving this career a kick start with proper strategies and plans to establish your brand well and develop a strong brand identity in the market. 


Building a strong brand identity gives your business recognition and fame that your customers and audiences remember you with. To convey the meaning of the term " Brand identity" in a much easier way, it can be explained as the first image or impression of a brand when someone thinks of it. It can be the logo or an illustration that makes a long-lasting aspect in the consumer's mind. 

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What is Brand Identity: The Beginners Guide


What is Brand Identity: The Beginners Guide


Paul Rand beautifully fabricated words and quoted, " Design is the silent ambassador of the brand". Think of an I phone, and the first thing that pops up in our mind is the Brand Apple and its logo. The logo of Apple is the brand identity. So What is brand identity exactly?


The visible elements of a brand, like its colour, logo, and design, that differentiate the brand from its competitors and help the consumers to remember and identify the brand is the "Brand Identity". When these elements are all put together, it becomes the fame and recognition of the brand. 


For a company and an organization, it is very important that how they express and represent themselves in the market through the images and logos of the brand for sales and marketing is an important feature of Brand Identity. A strong brand identity makes the company's reputation powerful, helps them gain organic reach and popularity and maintains its dignity and presence in the market. 


What Makes a Strong Brand Identity- The Key Ingredients 


What Makes a Strong Brand Identity- The Key Ingredients


Now a question arises what makes your brand identity Strong? A strong brand identity consists of the following key elements:


1. Name-

"Name" sets the personal identity of a business or a brand. The name helps to create the brand its fame by which a person recognizes it. While naming your brand, keep three things in mind, let it be simple, memorable and original. 


2. Audience-

The next important aspect of building Brand identity is knowing and recognizing the right target audience. For a brand, getting to know its right target audience based on its products and services is very important so that marketing becomes easy and sales increase. 


3. Logo- 

A brand's logo should be simple and unique so that the audience recognizes and remembers your brand easily. In addition to its ability to convey the company's message, it must be visually appealing. While designing a logo, keep in mind that the logo should be made in different variations. 


4. Brand Value-

The most promising part of building a strong brand identity is the values and goals that the brand sets for itself and as a promise of trust and faith to its customers. Your organization's values represent honesty and dedication towards the services you are offering to your audiences and customers.


5. Physical appearance-

The product's packaging, website, social media posts, logo, and everything matters while building a strong brand identity. The brand's aesthetic and pleasing look draw more attention from the customers. 


Connecting With Your Customers Through a Strong Brand Identity


Customers Through a Strong Brand Identity


As a budding Entrepreneur, you should scale yourself towards building a strong brand identity that connects with your customers and helps your business grow more profitable. 


1. Storytelling

The power of storytelling lies in its ability to connect with an audience on a very personal level. The right story with the right imagination helps your brand grow at a fast pace. 

Read our previous blog post to learn more about the power of storytelling in entrepreneurship. 


2. Your brand values should be expressed positively

Your brand can grow significantly with reviews and feedback. One must ensure that customer satisfaction and brand values should be the topmost priority of their business. 


3. Connect with your audience emotionally

Remember those selling and earning profits isn't the only perspective of your brand. To grow your sales, you should connect with your audience emotionally. What is your product, what is the motive behind creating it, and how does it benefit your consumers everything should be clearly stated to your audiences. 


A Spotlight on Famous Brands with Successful Brand Identity 


A Spotlight on Famous Brands with Successful Brand Identity


So many brands have successfully established themselves and set an example for all new Entrepreneurs and people in business. 

Nike, Google, Disney, Myntra, Nykaa and countless brands have struggled to make up for that position. But now their Brand revenue, fame, everything attracts their customers a lot. They've also set a beautiful example of good loyalty from their brand's side to their customers and continue to maintain it. 

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